Transitions – Components and Resources of our Life

Jun 7, 2019


Developing and growing are indispensably connected with transitions. From the early beginning until the end of our human existence transitions have an impact on our life. They are the door to a new step in life.

We are looking at transitions in early childhood

    • How do children tell us their experiences?
    • How do they repeat these experiences in later life? e.g. in school?
    • How do adults support them to go through and to find a healthy place?

The participants are cordially invited to share their own experiences in working with children and adults.

  • Klaus Käppeli-Valaulta


    Klaus Käppeli, MSc, is a psychologist and psychotherapist of the Federation of the Swiss Psychologists (FSP) and has a private practice in somatic psychotherapy and in pre- and perinatal psychology in St.Gallen, Switzerland. Since 1996 he predominantly works with adults, families, children and babies in integrating very early experiences. His extensive training includes integrative body

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