Prenatal and Birth Experience: Shadow and Potential

Jun 8, 2019




Shadow leaks into our lives, unconsciously affecting our perceptions, thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, relationships, bodies and personalities. We might say that pre- and perinatal experience is almost by definition shadow material. Rarely acknowledged or reflected back as we are developing, it retreats into the unconscious or misses coming into words and conscious thoughts.

Much of pre- and perinatal therapy orients to the traumas and challenges of our early experience. This is important to acknowledge and understand, to bring out of the shadow. My mission in this field is to also emphasize the amazing potential of the little embryo in the womb developing from one tiny cell into complex human bodies and beings. How much of that potential to become is also hidden in shadow? How can we access and embody our original embryological potential? How can we shine the light on both the suffering and the health it may obscure?

This presentation is informed by in-depth experience with pre- and perinatal psychology and mindful somatic psychotherapy, orientation to health and resource as in Craniosacral Biodynamics, passion for embryology and its lifelong resonances, and embodiment of our original potential through Continuum as developed by Emilie Conrad.

  • Cherionna Menzam Sills

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