Conference Talks

Good Baby Syndrome

with Matthew Appleton

The association of ‘quiet baby’ with ‘good baby’ reflects unconscious cultural attitudes that puts increased pressure on parents and seeks to diminish the expressiveness of babies….read more

Sunday, June 9th - 9h45

Creating a Human Being

with Klaus Käppeli-Valaulta

Children and parents having chosen the way of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) gain experiences, which are different from those of natural conception. The children are growing and carrying…read more

Sunday, June 9th - 15h


with Thomas Harms

In this presentation Thomas Harms will show how body-oriented strengthening of the self-attachment – process of the caregivers can help to overcome vicious circles within pre-, peri- and postpartal crisis…read more

Sunday, June 9th - 16h45

Demystifying the Experience of Working with Babies

with Kate White and Judy Terwilliger

In this presentation, baby bodyworkers John Wilks and Kate White will team up to share experiences of their private practices that explore situations when working with babies where practitioners may have a …read more

Sunday, June 9th - 14h

Prenatal and Birth Experience

with Cherionna Menzam-Sills

Shadow leaks into our lives, unconsciously affecting our perceptions, thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, relationships, bodies and personalities. We might say that pre- and perinatal experience is almost by …read more

Saturday, June 8th - 13h30

From Womb to World

with Anna Verwaal

More than three decades of research in the field of pre and perinatal psychology and health shows that the most critical formative period, and the difference in ‘thriving or surviving’ between birthdays goes …read more

Saturday, June 8th - 9h40

When does the Prenatal Experience Begin?

with Jenni Meyer

What is consciousness? Is it local to an individual? At what stage does a person’s consciousness start to engage with experience? There have been many reports from people who have regressed as far back …read more

Saturday, June 8th - 16h15

Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma

with Thomas R. Verny

Epigenetics explains how experience writes on our bodies and minds through changes in the way genes express themselves in response to environmental factors. Genes don’t make us who we are. …read more

Sunday, June 9th - 11h30

Relational Feeding

with Kate Rosati

Relational feeding, the journey from womb to breast will explore the experience of the baby in utero and how this experience may impact on the baby’s desire /ability to breastfeed in the early days…read more

Sunday, June 9th - 9h

Perspectives on Mental Health Care for Babies

with Binu Singh

Research and clinical experience shows us the huge impact of stress during prenatal period, birth and early childhood on physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being throughout life. …read more

Saturday, June 8th - 14h30

The Collective Psychological Dimension of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology

with Dr. Ludwig Janus

The research conducted by prenatal psychology into psychological and emotional experiences before and during birth has led to the discovery and recognition that human cultural artifacts and activities have to some extent always expressed prenatal and perinatal feelings….read more

Saturday, June 8th - 11h10

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